Hi, great to have you here and thank you for your interest – I hope I can help you along on your quest for better business results and lifestyle freedom!

My name is JoAnne. I´m a professional accountant, network & affiliate marketer, meaning I make money in person and online by helping others with existing products and services that I love and trust for a commission and or an agreed upon fee. Joining SFM has been an absolute game changer for me – I finally found a clear way to tap into the booming digital economy so I can have the lifestyle I´ve always wanted.

These days, I’ve made it my goal is to help other people do the very same thing – after all, who doesn´t dream of the freedom to live anywhere, follow their passions and have an income that is only limited by the amount of work they choose to put in?

Here´s my story – the path leading to me becoming a passionate digital entrepreneur, setting my own hours and working from anywhere in the world:

Before finding the SFM, I was and still am a Certified General Accountant (CGA-CPA) specialising in financial analysis, process improvement and financial reporting,  I was over stretched mom of 3, working as an accountant, building a network marketing business, running from here to there, feeling like my to-do list was only getting longer. As a professional accountant focused on analysis,  I enjoy finding insights to share in data and also designing faster and or better quality reporting. As a network marketer, I thoroughly enjoy and am proud to share the Isagenix solutions and helping those who had the courage to say yes to transforming their lives from the inside out. However, I was tired of driving for hours between face to face meetings, cold calls and networking meetings that were eating my time, keeping me away from my children and husband and producing slower results than I wanted.

In the fall of 2016, I reviewed my network marketing results and noted that approx 80% of my customers came from inquiries online. That was a big clue for me and I went on the search for an online system that would help me to really leverage my online marketing thereby giving me my time back and truly allowing me to spend most of my business hours with the people that need and want my services. Thereby better utilizing my day and giving me more of my time back to spend with the ones I love, doing what I enjoy.

I waded through many ads, friendly recommendations, and systems that I saw others using when I came across the SFM. What impressed me right away was Stuart’s authentic and low hype invitation. I said yes to the invitation for the complimentary videos as well as the application to be a member and was blown away by the quality and completeness of the content, the solid focus on mindset as a key to our success as well as the amazing positive, welcoming and supportive community. I felt like I had found my tribe! Since being with the SFM, I have already implemented systems within my Isagenix business to streamline my prospecting and consultations.  I’m also using these digital marketing strategies to provide specialized analytic services that I had enjoyed as part of my analytical job in the past. I’m more confident and excited about how my businesses are moving and now have a passion to help others, just like you, improve their businesses and or truly create that lifestyle business they love by leveraging the training, systems, and support of the SFM.


Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn or jot me a short message or book your 1on1 complimentary consultation using the yellow tab on the right to see how I can help you.


One of the things that makes SFM special is it applies to people from all walks of life, even people that are brand new to the world of online marketing. These are examples of the range of people you´ll meet in the community – you´re sure to make lots of new friends with like-minded people like I did:

  • People that are dissatisfied with their job or employer
  • Work-at-home parents
  • People who want to change their life path
  • People looking to make some extra income
  • Unemployed people hit by the global recession
  • Retired veterans
  • Grandparents
  • People with zero business experience
  • Affiliate and network marketing pros looking for opportunities
  • Existing business owners (online and offline)
  • College and university students
  • Professionals like bankers, lawyers, and doctors

The most important thing that I find that attracted me to SFM and the community that includes people from all walks of life is that my values and approach to life permeates the culture of SFM. These are:

1) An attitude of Gratitude:- we are at our best when we are grateful for all the blessing in our lives- family, health and a life of freedom and abundance.

2) An attitude of Service: We are happy when we are providing value and helping others be it family, friends, customers or members of our community.

3)An attitude of Community: We recognize the power of collaboration far outweighs the power of competition.

4)An attitude of Acceptance: We recognize that it’s important to treat everyone with compassion, refrain from judgment and treat everyone like we would like to be treated.

5)Continuous Improving and Growing: We are constantly seeking to grow and expand our understanding and awareness of others around us so we can do and be better.

6)Coachable: We recognize that success leaves clues and so are open to mentors from those who have achieved what we desire.


7)Action takers:  We are action takers as we know that action is really the only thing that changes things.

8)Finishers: We honour our word and do our utmost to follow-through and finish what we start.

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