30 Day Blog Writing Challenge – The August of Action!

Free 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Welcome to the start of our 30 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Good day, Good day, and I’m so excited!!!

JoAnne here and do you know what day it is? It’s August 1st 2017 and the launch of 30 Day Blog Challenge that I spoke about.

Now, if you’re new to my site, you can get all the details about this challenge in the post linked above and you are welcome to join in at any time. If you stumble across this page after the challenge is complete or while it’s in full swing, reach out to me and I’ll see what’s possible. Also, know that at the end of the blog challenge, I will create a simple schedule that anyone can follow at any time to get started, including links to top tips and tricks blogs that I share during this blog challenge.

Now, although this Blog Challenge is only asking you to commit to 3 or more blogs, I have challenged myself to create a blog a day Monday to Friday. Specifically, these blogs have to over 600 words each and public by end of day each day (This is the first one..lol)! You may be wondering why I set that minimum… Well as some of you may know, I am so grateful to be selected for an expert Search Engine Optimization Course through being a member of the SFM community. I learned so much from the course and now in My August of Action, I plan to apply what I’ve learned to my benefit. One thing I learned was that longer content does better in search engines.  If you want to avoid the search engines seeing your content as too short and potential fluff, create good quality and longer content, hence my personal minimum word.

Use this 30 day blog writing challenge to share your story

Alright, so what can you expect from my blogs during this 30-day challenge? Well, my first focus will be to share my story in my journey of freedom. I am in the final stages of my professional branding exercise with SFM Platinum Brand Incubator and it really helped me to understand that my vision is so much bigger than helping moms gain more time and options..although that alone surely is a great thing!…lol. As I come to the end of this personal branding and self-exploration and definition process, I recognized that I needed to widen my stated vision and talk about freedom- spiritually, emotionally (we, women, can be such emotional creatures and sometimes that can get us all tied up! Let’s break loose!) and financially!

Second, I will be sharing tons of valuable content to help you! checklists to help 1) create a good blog post, 2) you distribute/syndicate your content 3)create good videos for your blog or website, 4)syndicate that video. Can you tell that I love checklists? If not, check out my popular Youtube Rank Checklist! But seriously, what good is your great website if nobody knows about it?So…, syndication including leveraging youtube videos, my other favourite medium is powerful. I’ll also share a secret (well not too secret 🙂 and a super powerful way to freely attract traffic to your site through a case study.

Finally, I’m excited to say that I will also be a launching my very first e-book! I firmly believe that to truly get ahead online you need to have top tier products or services as part of your offering and in this e-book, I share the top high paying affiliate programs that you can get started with.  I have to admit, I had hoped to get this out sooner, however, I procrastinated a bit, then life got in the way but now I’m getting back on track and looking forward to delivering this to you this month as a back to school special to help prepare to profit for the Holiday season ahead. I’ve been working on this for a while and I briefly shared about it on my youtube channel, check out the video below to learn how this book can help you.

Now, some of you might be asking, how is she going to do all of this? She must have lots of time on her hands or she must be so organized and disciplined! Well, I darn well hope to become more organized and disciplined but right now I know I have a lot of room to grow in those areas. I’m that mom that chatbooks would be perfect for! I also wish I had lots of time but it all boils down to this, the truth is this is important to me so I’m going to find a way. I work full-time, have 3 kids and am active in my church. This August of Action will be forcing me to take more action and improve myself which is why I said a big Yes to it. Now, I’m probably going to fail at some things I try or not do them quite right but you know what I believe that it’s better to have tried than continue to sit on the sidelines and wonder what if.

Ready to fail myself forward and learn lots, are you?

So if you are sitting on the fence, thinking you would love to but you’re not sure you have the time, the skill or whatever you may think that is blocking you. Ask yourself: Do I have the heart? What small thing can I do to move towards my dreams and goals? and then jump in!

Let’s get this party started!

Time to Begin our 30 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Thanks for spending a few moment of your time with me, let’s see what we can create over in our 30 Day Blog Writing Challenge.

JoAnne, Freedom Mompreneur by Design

ps: Nothing happens by accident, will you be joining us?


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