How to earn $300 or more with new bank account promotions in Canada 2018 



As part of the Get out of Debt 90-day challenge, I research and share great opportunities to earn additional cash simply with my group and this one is too good to keep to ourselves.


It’s very simple and it’s with Tangerine bank, which at 20 years old in Canada (formerly known as ING) is still a new kid on the banking block.  Every few years, Tangerine makes this special offer and it’s quite generous and for only a limited time to the end of April 2018. Become a customer of Tangerine bank by opening up your first Tangerine chequing or savings account and make a minimum deposit of $100 or more and earn $50 in cash that will be deposited into your account, usually within a week of you making your initial minimum deposit. That’s it! You can also earn additional bonuses if you choose to refer others, switch your payroll deposits ($100 to $200 bonus) or another preauthorized deposit over to them ($25 to $50 bonus). Adding all those bonuses up can sometimes easily come to $400 or more especially if you and your spouse sign up.

NOTE: Be sure that if your spouse signs up that you do separate accounts, not joints as you won’t get the additional new account bonus for them as they only give one bonus for each joint account!!!!


I will share the bonus keys below over the month, each key will be good for the first 35 people.


Bonus keys to use to claim your $50 bonus for becoming a Tangerine customer:


1) 22032804S1


The tangerine bank isn’t the typical brick and mortar bank. Instead, it focuses on being a no fee to a low-cost alternative. It’s primarily an online bank with no fee chequing and savings accounts. Customers can access their accounts online and through the 3500 Scotiabank ATMs across Canada at no charge.

What I love about Tangerine Bank

  • No fees or minimum balances required!!
  • Unlimited interac transactions with your chequing account
  • Pays higher than average interest rates on your savings with them
  • Easy bonuses for opening a new account, starting a PAD and more
  • Free Interac money transfers (yes you read right- F R E E!)
  • Deposit cheques via mobile ap – take a pic and it’s done!

The bonus is quite easy to achieve, remember you have to be a completely new customer to Tangerine bank (formerly ING) and open up a chequing or savings account and deposit a minimum of $100. All of this can quickly and easily be done online here! You will need a valid Social Insurance Number to qualify and complete the online registration process. Remember, joint accounts will receive only one $50 bonus.

If you are like me with several kids at home and think instantly to double or triple up on your bonus by opening separate accounts for them. I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news that they recently stopped allowing separate accounts for children under the age of 18. Instead, you still can open one but it will be a joint one with you and your child and thus would not qualify for any additional new account bonus. (I know…BUMMER!)

Remember to qualify for the additional $10 bonus offered by Freedom Mompreneur by Design as described in the video above, you have to use one of the bonus keys above and comment on the facebook post or youtube video. 

Enjoy this new bank account promotion bonus wisely, and if you are looking to become more financially wise with your money and pay down debt quicker or get out debt, feel free to join us in the challenge.

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