Create content that attracts your ideal client to your business through the Blog Challenge 2017

What is the Blog Challenge 2017 and what can you expect?

The Blog Challenge 2017 is a challenge that will run in August and October of this year for 30 days each with a focus on creating a supportive and knowledgeable community that can help you get your blog launched successfully to increase your visibility on line as well as build great mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships that will, in turn, help you grow your business and impact by attracting more people and clients to your website.

You can choose to join us once or join us both times, it’s up to you. During each 30 day challenge, you will be placed into small groups who will support each other’s blogs. At the beginning of each week, you will be receiving a weekly tip video with supporting content eg: checklists/guide to provide tips and tricks on how to improve your blog. And at the each week one of the most active challengers will be chosen and featured in our Friday “Fantastic” share to get extra exposure across all the small groups.. so the more you give, the more you will get!

This Friday Fantastic blogger will also have the opportunity to be interviewed and or their wider content spotlighted on my youtube channel!!! During the 30-day run, you will be challenged to write 3 or more blog posts a week. In your small group, you will also be required to read and comment on three blog posts of others in their group. Specific guidelines will be shared within our private community group to ensure each person in the challenge benefits from someone within the group going by and commenting on their blogs. Finally a week after the challenge, we will have a Challenge Completers Celebration for all those who created a minimum of 12 blog posts during the challenge plus did their weekly minimum commenting where several prizes will be given away including some additional specialized insightful content to help those who finished take their blogs that much further. So I’m sure you will be a finisher right???

Who is this 2017 Blogging Challenge right for?

Unlike some blogging challenges that just usually say everyone, I’m going to be honest and say that this blogging challenge is best for those who have already started blogging and are looking to build better daily habits, improve their blogging technique as well as their seo and marketing of their blog content. I would say ideally, this is best for someone who has already created 20 or more blog pieces and are specifically looking to either monetize their blog or use their blogs to attract potential clients to their website. 

In general, I also believe someone who already has a moderately good habit around their blogging, for example, someone who already blogs 2-3 times a week will get the most out of the challenge. What are the key benefits to participating in this blogging challenge? better blogging habits better blog and content

What are the key benefits to participating in this blogging challenge? 

  1. Better blogging habits
  2. Better blog and content S
  3. Improved blogging and content strategy
  4. Supportive and responsive community that will comment and socially share your blog
  5. Increased traffic to your blog
  6. Mutually beneficial partnerships with potential guest blogging opportunities

What must you do to join?

Complete this short form where you will submit your blog website, name, and email and then that’s it, you are in and will receive an email with all the details and an invitation to our live launch video call!

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