How to increase website traffic fast?

My case study in applying this method that I recently discovered 

JoAnne Mbonigaba , Freedom Mompreneur by DesignJoAnne, here and in Day 2 of My 30-Day Blog Writing Challenge, I’m going to tackle the age old question of how to increase website traffic fast particularly if you just recently launched your website. As I work through this 30-Day Blogging Challenge, I am focused on creating quality content that will attract my ideal audience. Yet, like some of you, you are looking for simple, effective and free if possible ways to let your ideal audience know about your content.

Well, I came across this strategy in passing as I was doing my research and have started to implement it and now over the next 30 days, am developing my first checklist around my daily application of this strategy.  So what is this strategy? JoAnne, you ask. Well, have you heard of the site called Quora? I had heard of it in passing and had been on it once or twice but only recently have woken up to the power of Quora as a way to not only build my online authority but more importantly to drive quality traffic to my website. Despite being founded less than 10 years ago, Quora has become a social media website to reckon with attracting people from Obama to Ashton Kutcher and all walks of life to come on and contribute their knowledge by answering questions and dialogue with others on the web.

Below is a quick spotlight that says it all in terms of why you will want to plug into the immense daily traffic that comes to Quora for answers (click on it to make it bigger)

Build your website traffic fast by plugging into the immense traffic Quora attracts daily

I have now read several articles on it and it seems relatively simple 1) choose the right question 2) provide a good answer which includes a call to action that links back to your site (sometimes) 3)repeat daily.  Now that seems simple enough but if you are like me, I’m a stickler for detail so this strategy brought up lots of questions for me like how do I choose the right question? Is there a time of day that is best to post? How can I craft the best call to action? How much time should I invest in this daily? and much more

Now, where I’m just starting out with this strategy, my focus in this post will be to layout the roadmap that I will be using in the next 30 days with this strategy and then at the end of th3 days, I will report back my results. Here are the top two articles I read that helped me understand how much quora could help me to get this website and these blogs in particular visible and most importantly attracting consistent traffic:

1) Bob Warfield’s detailed review of how he used Quora to boost his website traffic and now consistently incorporates a Quora strategy I had been following one of my favourite YouTubers and he mentioned that he found that posting occasionally on Quora was the secret sauce to growing his channel and then I stumbled across this amazing blog post from Bob that switched on the light bulb in my head about using it not only for my youtube channel but also for my site and more specifically how to use Quora correctly.

2) Neil Patel’s detailed article on the power of Quora: Neil is a legend online and the fact that he went to such great lengths to extol the benefits of Quora was enough of a vote of confidence for me.


Okay, so let’s get to that Checklist:

General guidelines:

  1. Optimize your Quora profile with a good title description, picture, bio and call to action with link out to your website
  2. Specifically, aim to go on early in the morning for 15- 20 mins (max 30 mins) and answer a couple of questions (Monday to Friday)
  3. Focus on questions that can be answered quickly and completely and that align with the focus of your website/niche.

How to find a good question to answer

  1. Choose to answer questions only in topics that relate to your niche/expertise AND that has 200,000 followers are more.
  2. Follow the top writers/ answerers in those topics, ideally people who answer a few questions but get tens of thousands of views as they will help you to understand where best to invest your 15-20 mins for the most impact
  3. Follow a few topics that you have a general interest in but that are not directly related to your specific niche
  4. Look for questions with lots of followers but few answers, specifically ideally 50 or more followers with 10 or less answers
  5. Focus on choosing to answer questions that are relatively fresh/ young on the site
  6. Give preference to questions that are getting lots of views – over 1000 views a week is best
  7. Give preference to questions where the distribution of views of current answers is not already significantly skewed to one answer
  8. Be sure to answer a few questions a week that people request your answer for to build community and a following

How to construct a good answer to a question

  1. Embed a picture and or video with every answer to add different layers of content
  2. Be engaging yet to the point (attention spans are short)
  3. Check your spelling and grammar before hitting the publish button
  4. When you can add concrete statistics or sources to back up your answer and increase your authority

How to track results

1) Use my google webmaster tools to track the volume of traffic to my site and the sources and compare to the view of the particular posts to see which were most effective

Now, I imagine like any new skill the first couple of days or week or two, I’ll have my training wheels on and be refining the how to really apply my checklist, but I’ll stick with it and after week 1 or midway through August, I’ll do a tutorial really walking through the how and update this post with it so you can have that visual walk through as you try to implement this checklist to boost your traffic. Excited to start this case study! Feel free to follow me on Quora to see how it goes!

To your success and until next time


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