How to Make Money on Youtube 

I specialize in helping people master video marketing particularly using the Youtube platform so in this brief article I will highlight why I believe Youtube is the platform to be on for the next digital economy wave and the top 4 ways that you can earn income on Youtube. Before we get into the many ways that you can start making money off of youtube today, let’s first talk about why Youtube is one of the best platforms to start on in 2017 and beyond to earn income.

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Here are the top 3 reasons why youtube is one of the best platforms to start on:

1) You start on youtube today for free. Anyone can start a youtube channel by simply creating a youtube account and going through the simple steps of creating a youtube channel that takes minutes. There is absolutely no cost such as domain hosting involved in your startup and the process is simple and quick.

2) You get an instant large audience since Youtube is the 2nd most searched and used social media website on the net so publishing your content there puts you in front of ready-made audience of a billion or more users. Your content thus has a much higher chance of being found than if you started with your basic blog or website. Youtube is also owned by Google which also allows for the content created on youtube to rank quickly and high on google search engine results.

3) It is quick and easy to add a passive income stream to your videos by monetizing your youtube videos with Adsense. It is quick and easy to monetize your youtube videos with Adsense. Bear in mind your ability to earn this income can be a bit of a slow grind at first depending on your ability to attract consistent and multiple views to your videos. Watch the short and popular step by step tutorial I filmed below that shows you exactly how to put ads on your videos.

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  Now let’s talk about the top four  ways that you can earn income on youtube

There are really only four core ways that you can earn money on youtube. When you look at those top lists of 10 or 20 ways to earn income it ends up boiling down to a flavour or version of one of the four that I have briefly listed below:


1. Sell other’s products as an affiliate

This is one of the easiest to do for beginners because there are many programs, Amazon, being the most popular one where you can sign up to be an affiliate at zero cost. Then, make engaging, funny and or informative videos on products available for sale on Amazon and direct your viewers to purchase through an affiliate link that tags those sales to you. Once purchases are made through your affiliate link, Amazon credits and pays out you the referral commission on those sales.

2. Create your own product or service and sell on youtube


If you have an existing business or product, you can use youtube to sell your existing business or product or create a product or service and then sell it on youtube. You can do this by doing similar engaging videos and then provide a link to drive sales. Create videos that consistently drive people to your website where they can purchase from you. This tends to be a more profitable endeavor than selling someone else’s products as traditional the profit margins would be greater on a product you personally produced.

3. Monetize your videos with Adsense Ads

When you consistently create content that people are enjoying watching this can allow you to have a high volume of views on your channel. When your channel is monetized with ad sense, depending on how and the videos you can monetize, this can work result a good stream of income and the average income you can expect is $2 per thousand impressions or views (CPM)

3b.Become a youtube partner

When your Youtube channel has enough followers and a large volume of views, you can apply to become a member of their Partner Program. Youtube Partners earn a larger portion of the advertising income or cost per thousand impressions/views (CPM) earned off their videos. Youtube usually keeps 45% of whatever the partner channel earns and this typically works out to Youtube Partners earning approx $5-$8 CPM. This is more than double the traditional payout above and with a much large viewer base, this can work out to be a significant stream of income. It makes this quite clear the volume of revenue Youtube itself creates from its’ platform.

4.Create a Youtube Advertising Campaign to drive sales to an affiliate product or your own product


Youtube has billions of viewers on its platform a day and is still a relatively untapped advertising campaign platform unlike Facebook so you can actually get some relatively inexpensive and effective advertising campaigns to drive views and sales to products that you offer. Paying for ads once done correctly can often speed up your results than doing the basic self/ free video promotion seen in steps 2 and 3.


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To your success!

JoAnne Mbonigaba, Owner and Founder of Freedom Mompreneur by Design

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