Learn how to be a stratospheric success in life with my review of the Go-Giver

Learn How to be a Stratospheric Success in Life by being a Go-Giver

Self Development is so important for entrepreneurs and for 2017, I have committed to reading a book a week as part of my self-development plan. One of the first books I tackled this year was the Go-Giver. Listen to my takeaways from the book including the 5 universal laws are and my personal key takeaways and goals in applying this book to my life. Consider this your video Go-Giver Cliff Notes.

if you are new to online marketing or even not so new and still opening your eyes up to the opportunity to create a life and business you love by leveraging the digital economy, then this is a must read book for you. Listen to my Go-Giver book summary below and reflect on how you could apply this in your life and business and how many of the thought leaders and successful business owners and leaders follow the rules outlined in the Go-Giver.

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