Free Millionaire Mindset 21 Day Challenge


Are you looking to improve your financial blueprint?


Are you looking to improve your finances and recognize that it starts with your mindset and beliefs about money?


If so, I invite you to join me on the free Millionaire Mindset 21 Day Challenge!


First, let me clarify what this challenge is and isn’t about.


This challenge is inspired by the best-selling book the Instant Millionaire by Mark Fish and is focused on helping you build the millionaire mindset.


It’s said that it takes on average 21 days to build a habit and hence the length of this challenge.  You may or may not see


Avoid any expectation of financial gain during the 21 days as none is promised nor guaranteed.


The intention or purpose of this challenge is to invite you on the journey of self-improvement alongside me as I work on my mindset.


What do you have to do to participate?


1) Comment below on this post saying you are in.


2) Read or listen to the audiobook The Instant Millionaire


3)Complete your goals and affirmations (see below infographic that you can help and download for free)


4)Record where you at in terms of mindset and financial results at the beginning of the challenge. Over the 21 days, keep track and journal on your progress.


5) Daily repeat your affirmations and goal statements.


6)At the end of the challenge, record your mindset and financial results and what you have decided to do as next steps.


7)Optional send me an email with your story and throughout the year, I will choose one person a month to interview and spotlight on my youtube channel. Could that be you?




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